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Retired Pandora Charms With Cheap Prices

Pandora has taken the world by storm with its innovative statement jewelry. By allowing customers to create special bracelets to commemorate special moments in their life, Pandora charms make for a perfect gift for anyone. While there is no denying their beauty and charm (all pun intended), Pandora jewelry can prove to be quite pricey, especially when curating an entire bracelet. Luckily there are ways that you can acquire exceptional quality Pandora pieces at a price that will not break the bank, one of them being DoraShop, a Pandora sale store featuring authentic Pandora pieces at affordable prices. In hopes of making personalized and sentimental jewelry a reality for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 tips to help you find cheap Pandora charms or retired Pandora charms.

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1. Secret Sale Pages No One Told You About

While it is no secret that every website features some sort of sale page, finding it could be a challenge, especially on Pandora’s official website. Searching through the multiple pages and links featured on the website could be quite time-consuming and frustrating, especially since none of the featured tabs explicitly state “sale”. To help you navigate through the overload of information and shiny new releases that could distract you from your main reason for being on the website in the first place- discounted jewelry- we have done the research and put together a comprehensive list of all sale pages available on Pandora’s websites worldwide.

Although searching on the website of the country that you reside in is arguably the most logical answer, browsing through different websites can be quite rewarding as no sale page is ever the same, you may even find a unique charm that is unavailable in your local stores! It’s also helpful to compare the different prices and verify that you are truly getting the best deal possible on your discounted charms.


Below are the sale pages we have bookmarked for your use


2. Special Sale Dates You Should Mark in Your Calendar

As Pandora continues to release fresh and new collections, they must get rid of their inventory to make room for new items. To encourage shoppers to purchase more items or to attract potential new customers, Pandora features multiple sales throughout the year, where avid Pandora fans can score an amazing deal on selected jewelry pieces and even receive a gift with purchase!

The three most popular sales include post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mid-year summer sale, and end of holiday season winter sale. Sprinkled throughout the year are special holiday promotions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day sales. To help you remember to head to your local store or visit the Pandora website on those designated dates, make a note in your calendar. Save money on Christmas and birthday gifts by shopping exclusively on sale days. By browsing as soon as the sale goes live, you not only have a larger variety of products to search from but may also get an early bird special such as a free bracelet with purchase, a staple Pandora sale promotion.


Mark your calendar for the following dates to take advantage of the Pandora sales.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday – November 26th, 2021, and November 29th, 2021.
  • Summer Sale- No exact dates released as of yet, however, the summer sale typically takes place mid-June or July.
  • Winter Sale- The winter sale begins as soon as the 24th of December and lasts until mid-January, as was the case in prior years, including 2020.


3. Pandora Retailers and Their Secret Sales

The brightly lit and luxurious boutique located in your nearest shopping center is not the only place you can purchase Pandora jewelry. What many Pandora fans are unaware of, are the official Pandora retailers that are not only authorized to sell Pandora jewelry but often feature special sales that are not available in official Pandora stores, especially you can find some retired Pandora charms for sale on their websites.

Retailers such as Rue La La and Nordstrom offer discounted jewelry pieces that can often be combined with their in-store sales and promotions. To get up-to-date information on all Pandora retailer sales and promotions, you can sign up for their email newsletter in which you’ll receive the most accurate and recent information on all active promotions.


Visit the websites of Pandora retailers (United States) below for a chance to save money on your next charm purchase.


4. Get Social with Jewelry Influencers

Whether it is Pandora affiliate partners or unaffiliated jewelry influencers, social media is a great place to stay on trend and find discounted pieces. Oftentimes, Pandora affiliates will have unique to them promotions and discount codes that they share exclusively with their followers on their social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even private blog sites. By following other Pandora fans with a larger following, you can get your hands on little-known discounts and coupon codes.

Even a charm collector and Pandora fan must periodically downsize their collection to make room for new pieces. This is especially true for influencers that often receive PR packages with charms they already own or simply want to get rid of to make space for new purchases. You will find them selling their pre-loved pieces on their Instagram profiles or sites such as Depop or Poshmark. There, you can score gently used and oftentimes limited-edition pieces for a fraction of their original cost.


5. Rewarding Employee Perks

Working for Pandora has its unique perks, not only do you get the scoop on the upcoming new releases and get first pick at sales and promotions, but you receive an employee discount on top of that! According to former and current Pandora employees, the employee discount varies by length of employment, but it can be as high as 50%. Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your income or you simply want exclusive discounts, applying for a part-time position at your local Pandora location is a great way to find cheap Pandora charms.


6. Pre-Loved with a Touch of Tender Loving Care

Buying used jewelry can be a great way to save money. With a little dose of tender loving care, a gently used pre-owned piece can turn into a beautifully refurbished accessory.
There are a variety of sites available that feature used Pandora charms, one of the most popular being eBay. There, you can search for affordable and unique pieces that are not only unlikely to be found in stores but won’t break the bank.

Pro Tip: Sterling silver, the material used for creating Pandora’s charms and jewelry, will become tarnished with time and wear. There are a variety of ways to refresh your jewelry, especially when purchasing pre-loved pieces. One of the easiest ways to clean your Pandora charms is with water, soap, and a rag. Soaking the pieces before wiping them with a dampened cloth can loosen up the dirt particles for easier removal.

For particularly tarnished jewelry, adding a hint of baking soda and vinegar mixture to water and soaking the jewelry before following the standard cleaning process is a sure way to get the shine and sparkle back.


7. Get Paid for Shopping: Cashback and Coupon Codes

With the growth of online shopping came the need for discounts and coupon codes. Long gone are the days of receiving mailed coupons to bring to the store, there are now exclusive websites, apps, and web browser extensions that will save you time and money by searching for compatible coupons available on the web.

Apps and websites such as Rakuten, Honey, or Capital One Shopping are great tools to implement in your online shopping routine. By utilizing Rakuten, you will be receiving cashback on all purchases made online with compatible retailers, you guessed it, Pandora is one of them. Meanwhile, sites like Honey or Capital One Shopping browse the web for little-known coupons that can save you additional cash in the form of promo codes at checkout. Together, the powerful duo will ensure that you receive the most bang for your buck when it comes to all online purchases.


8. Vintage Is the New Trendy

Out with the old, in with the new. Such is the case for jewelry as well as the overall world of fashion. While the Pandora craze is fairly recent, the brand has long established its roots, dating back to 1982 by a Danish jeweler. Known for its adaptability and trendy jewelry, Pandora has released hundreds if not thousands of charms throughout the years. As most people scramble to buy the newest and the latest collection, they fail to recognize the opportunity that lies in buying older pieces from previous collections. By searching for retired Pandora charms online, you can find discounted pieces from independent retailers or individuals to help you build your collection on a budget.


9. When in Doubt Prime It Out (Amazon)

Authentic jewelry can be quite an investment. While some gifts and statement pieces require a larger budget, filler pieces can be easily found when following a strict budget. If you are searching for jewelry with a similar aesthetic to Pandora, consider opting-in for lesser-known brands that offer a similar look for a lesser cost.

Reputable sites such as Amazon feature a variety of sellers that offer charms compatible with Pandora bracelets for a fraction of the cost. While it may not be produced and sold by Pandora itself, they are equally as stylish and are a great option for a cheaper price. You can search for filler charms that will not take the center stage of your carefully curated bracelet, or a premade ready-to-wear bracelet, the opportunities are endless.



Your accessories reflect your unique personality and style, and what better way to showcase your favorite characteristics and treasured memories than with a beautifully designed personalized bracelet decorated with individual and unique charms. Fashion is our passion, so to help you achieve the classic look of a Pandora bracelet on a budget, we have shared all of our knowledge on finding discounted charms online. The above tips, whether used individually or combined will enable you to express yourself without breaking the bank.